Live frugally

In the United States, it is helpless for people with low incomes to eat frugally, and some relatively wealthy families can manage their money carefully.

Every spring and summer, there are often garage sales in our community. This selling method usually starts at seven o’clock on Saturday. We have lived here for a few years, and I found that most of the people who visit the garage sale are old Americans. When the sky was still dark, some people hurried over in large trucks. Some people buy furniture for babies and adults. After a deal was concluded, the joy they couldn’t hide, made people feel like they had just made a big deal.

I remember that when there was a big garage sale, an old American grandmother fell in love with a little girl’s old dress. She couldn’t put it down, and said to another grandmother who was visiting with me: “I bought this dress for my granddaughter. It must be very suitable.”

Some old Americans live frugally because they are forced by life. But there are some old beauties who don’t seem to be short of silver, and their lives are also very careful.

For example, our neighbors, in addition to the big house they live in, they also set up a lakeside villa and an expensive yacht by the lake, but they are really economical to live at home.

The most obvious example is that their daughter often wears second-hand clothing. And in the season of buying clothes, they usually only do it when the store is on sale. They wear outdated old clothes, either sold to old clothes shops, or sold at low prices at garage sales. To put it in an advertising language, every dollar is working hard for them.