Small Business

Suitable for a small business that can be done by one person, with very high profits

1. Tea Art Workshop
Tea art workshops have only become popular in recent years. It appeared to satisfy people’s spiritual needs to “appreciate tea” in addition to their appetite for “drinking tea”. Compared with the catering industry, the tea art workshop is closer to a cultural industry, and it has a strong competitiveness because of its freshness and beauty. To do this business, the first thing to do is to learn. If you are a person who doesn’t understand or love tea, then the threshold for this business is too high for you. On the contrary, if you like to drink tea yourself, have some interest or some research on the types of tea, and have a yearning for tea art, then even if you don’t know many technical details of tea art, you can do it bravely. Door business, and it is very likely to be successful in this industry. Note: To open a tea art workshop, you must first choose a suitable location, preferably near schools, libraries and other cultural venues; secondly, try to carry out compound operations as much as possible. In addition to tea art performances, add leisure and entertainment, tea art teaching and other items. Obtain a broader development space; finally, pay attention to the mastery of art, from decoration to clothing, the details are in place, which is the key to the achievement of a tea workshop.

2. Beauty shop
This business is generally suitable for female entrepreneurs. With the gradual saturation of the beauty salon and nail salon market, the emergence of beauty shops is undoubtedly a new hot spot for women’s entrepreneurship. A professional beauty shop, which allows women to have a suitable makeup for important occasions, and appear in front of the public with the most beautiful posture. In this era when girls mostly do a little makeup and can cope with daily makeup, beauty shops still There is a vast market. Note: The storefront of a beauty shop should generally be located in a high-end community or commercial CBD area. It is preferred to have a large population flow. The area is best to be around 150 to 200 square meters. The way to join is the fastest Directly enter the business link. In this way, the investment cost is lower, the decoration and training are guaranteed, and there is a special person to help manage it. Even if the initial income is small, it will rise after a period of operation. In this process, entrepreneurs can also strengthen their professional capabilities and move from franchisees to dominant players.

3. Children’s bookstore
With the development of online stores and e-books, physical bookstores have been devastated. Opening a bookstore seems to be a dead end with no future at all. However, children’s bookstores are different from ordinary bookstores. Due to the characteristics of their consumer groups, Its development has unlimited possibilities. There are two main reasons: First, the so-called “children” bookstores are actually aimed at minors, whether they are real children, teenagers, or students, this group itself is an important group for book consumption. Secondly, it is the particularity of the student group. The contemporary student group has received standardized education, and the bottom line of law and ethics is extremely high. Especially popular authors in the student group have a star effect. Students even buy books to “support” the group psychology of liking authors. Coupled with their status, they have a huge demand for teaching aids. Matters needing attention: The key to the operation of a children’s bookstore lies in its location. From the perspective of passenger flow, its best location is near the elementary and middle schools. The business space does not need to be too large, because the books are very targeted and will not take up too much space. If the space is large, it will create a library-like location. A quiet atmosphere will discourage children.

4. Housekeeping company
Generally speaking, the threshold for starting a housekeeping company is not high, the initial investment is not much, the risk is small, the effect is quick, and it can create jobs for the society, especially for laid-off workers, it is a rare opportunity and easy to get Policy Support. For people who start a business for the first time, a housekeeping company is indeed a good choice. Note: To be a housekeeping company, training and management are the most basic, especially after there is a clear system and process, this business is actually not that difficult. The real difficulty is business development. At the beginning of this business, the initial source of customers is usually some people I know, but I always do it for acquaintances, and the word of mouth is also in the circle of acquaintances, which is difficult to spread. Therefore, if the conditions are right, it is still necessary to hire a professional marketing staff.

5. Open a pancake fruit shop
Pancake fruit is a gourmet snack, many people look down on this kind of food, in fact, most people like to eat this kind of food when shopping. To open a pancake fruit shop, the investment cost is small, and you don’t need to have strong skills, you only need to learn a few days. More importantly, the profit of pancake fruit is extremely high. The cost of a pancake fruit is only one piece, but it can be sold for ten yuan. If it is well done, it is not a dream to make a monthly income.