Americans practice economy as “normal” American churches “very hurt”

Pastor Brian Kluth, the founder of Maximum Generosity, said that due to reduced donations, one in five churches in the United States had to cut their budgets by 5%-20% or more. Maximum Generosity is an organization that provides related church fundraising.

The “State of the Plate” survey showed that last year, two-thirds of the churches actively mobilized their congregations to give generously. At the same time, half of the churches held financial courses and lectures, and nearly a quarter of the churches invited voluntary financial management. The consultant helped American families weather the financial turmoil.

Kluth said: “You have to stand on the front line with them and help people better their financial resources, so that they can devote certain resources to donate.”

According to data from the Giving USA Foundation, Americans donate US$300 billion to charities each year, of which one-third is religious donation. Shihui Foundation is a non-profit charity consulting organization.

The stock market plummeted in 2008, the world fell into an economic crisis, and many families suffered heavy losses. Although asset prices rebounded in 2009, some economists believe that the high unemployment rate and reduction in consumer spending will be the “new normal.”

Kluth said: “As the number of unemployed increases and income does not increase, people will continue to face challenges.”