What do young people care about now?

Young people are optimistic about the future, even if they feel some concern about current events.The most worrying of these events, according to the respondents, is climate change and the destruction of nature.

They spend some time to the whole world´╝îAbout current affairs, life, economy, entertainment. They are generous, compassionate and mostly willing to accept refugees

The top issue facing their country, most people selected the same answer: corruption. Young people long for integrity, honesty and transparency. When it comes to the list of young people’s expectations for their managers and colleagues, honesty is important.

They are willing to respect others and at the same time they want to get attention. They like trends and have a strong ability to accept new things.They pay more attention to privacy and are more cautious about some personal information, They need more independent space.

Top technology trends are seen as artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things; most people expect their lives to be affected by one or more of these. Make life more convenient.

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