Using Students Loans To Pay Student Loans: Possible Or Not?


Having student loans can incur debt to you. However, doing some of these tips can free you from the burden of being left with debt after graduation. Plus, at the very least, you still made the best of your student loans back in college. Check out the following tips to help you get started:


Seeking a trusted TFSA in lowering your current owing balance


Sure, having a strict budget and spending little money on expenses that don’t matter can help you with paying your student loans. Even working several jobs while in college will lessen the weight of your “balance owing” in the future. But the step that would help in reducing the balance of your student loans is using your trusted TFSA to the fullest.


Using a Wealthsimple account as a tool to combat student loans soon is helpful.  It will yield a certain percentage that can bump your deposits with extra cash flow. On top of that, having your round-up savings can give you an edge once you start making regular deposits again. It will provide you with additional money every month.


Make it a habit to keep away extra money left with you at every end of the month. Also, you may opt to save for down payments on increasing your yield in your investment portfolios since it’s not what you need the most right now.


Making a hefty one-time deposit


Having your rent and tuition covered already, why not make a massive one-time deposit into your TFSA? With all the money you saved over the summer, expect your earnings freed up by student loans. Adding this to your current collateral, expect to deposit further over your final year. Every money you keep and a deposit will yield a considerable sum of money into Wealthsimple by the time you finish college.


Paying student loans with student loans is difficult to manage, especially by a student who doesn’t have any financial knowledge to begin. On top of that, there are many factors involved in the equation too: interest, fluctuating prime rates, estimated deposits, and other components that are unpredictable to tolerate.

However, getting through all the trouble is worth it. For instance, depositing $6,230 into your reliable TFSA through the course of 21months can help you save $12,670 and a full 2 ½ years of living with incurred debt. Opting for TFSA would mean a lot, especially to a student that pays many bills monthly.

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