How To Make Small Businesses Have More Corporate Social Responsibility?

Many entrepreneurs tend to think that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not for their small business and that they cannot implement a CSR plan because it is not within their reach.However, this belief is not correct. CSR can be implemented in all types of companies, regardless of their size, capacity, and sector of economic activity.On the other hand, the advantages that your company can achieve from the implementation of a CSR plan are many: improve investments by raising the value of the company; promote customer loyalty; the improvement of relations with interest groups; the consolidation of corporate culture and ethical behavior and improve the image and reputation of the company.

  1. With the community

You can make donations in kind. For example, of excess inventories, renewal of materials or computer equipment. It is also possible to provide services to the community when you have the availability to do so, advise on issues of mutual interest or provide a punctual service in which your company is managed.
You can collaborate with people in the community who have a critical situation. The company, together with the rest of the collaborators, can systematize microdonations and create a small fund for this.

  1. Within the company

Implementing labor flexibility is doing CSR. For example, if one of your employees needs to arrive half an hour later in the morning because he has to take his children to school, the schedule can be modified.

Due to the size of your company and the relationship that usually generates between the employer and its employees, it is almost certain that they are already doing this type of measure. However, it is necessary to systematize and strengthen it, to incorporate it into the business strategy and translate into medium and long-term benefits.

Another way of doing CSR is by establishing an internal communication plan to create links and improve relations between workers, which can also positively influence the productivity of the company. Inside this one, they will have to communicate important aspects of the company, the treatment to the external and internal client, ethical aspects, among others.

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