10 money mistakes to avoid in 2019

Money Mistake #7: auto insurance and saving money

It is important to have auto insurance and this is necessary for every motorist. This will come to rescue in case of accidents. But understand that there is no need to pay a leg or arm for that. There is no need to pay whatever the insurer is asking. There is no need to automatically renew the insurance. Every time the expiration comes, wait and look for better insurers. If there is any other good offer switch over to that. There will be discounts running for good drivers, age, and on a corporate basis as well.

Money Mistake #8: Kids-eat-free restaurants and saving money

There are restaurants which provide some discounts and offers for customers who come with kids. A popular one is kids- eat- free deal. So, if you got kids, they always look for such discounts and offers. If they provide this, your kids can have food for absolutely nothing or may be close to that.

Money Mistake #9: buying airfare and saving money

If you are planning for the best location which is well deserved, always think about the best time for booking the tickets. Don’t go and rush when the fairs are really high. When it comes to finding the best-priced ticket, there is a science behind this. It is very important that which time and day you are booking the tickets.

Money Mistake #10: Saving money and pest control

Some people spend too much on pest control services. People can think of doing it by them and save a lot of money. There are easy steps which when followed; everybody can perform the task of pest control.

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