7 Things You Should Do Immediately If You Want to Become a Millionaire

4.Start reading and getting more knowledge.

Books like Think and Grow Rich/ How to Make Money in Stocks by William J O’Neill, which was a very pivotal book for me, also Rich Dad Poor Dad. I recommend start reading financial books, books about money, books about mindset, books about belief, start reading for more knowledge.

5. Take advantage of free money in a 401k.

So if you have an employer match in a 401k plan where you work, make sure you taking advantage of that free money by putting in at least as much as you have to to get matched. So if  they match the first 3% of what you put in, make sure you’re putting in 3% to get the free money from your employer. So take advantage of free money in a 401k plan if that’s available to you.

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