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Radical Housing Ideas of Get Your Employer to Pay for Your Housing Costs

All of his expenses were provided by his job saved all his money and then he bought his own truck, and then he started to buy another truck and he built his own trucking company and he expanded it out and took a number of years and then his payoff plan at the end. He sold the trucking company and it was enough money for him to retire.

Don’t be confused. He worked hard to make that happen. He sacrificed a lot, but a major component for him was the ability to eliminate housing expenses, because of the fact that he lived in a truck.

Now if you want something a little bit different just recognize that there are all kinds of jobs that provide housing as a part of their job. Whether you work on a big rig oil derrick in the middle of the ocean, or you work on a boat and you sleep on the boat, or perhaps you get a job such as an apartment manager ,and you manage a 50 unit apartment complex, but part of your compensation is the fact that you get to live in one of the apartments rent free.

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