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Radical Housing Ideas of Get Your Employer to Pay for Your Housing Costs

I’ve met a guy in a cigar shop years ago. I always enjoy hanging out with in cigar shops if I meet so many interesting people. There are certain types of people that if you go in on a middle of a weekday at around 11 a.m. And to a cigar shop, the type of person there are either very wealth , or they’re retired or they work job that allows them this kind of life flexibility.

I start talking with this guy who is sharing with me with his story. He had sold a trucking company,   but he started when he was totally broke, and he started by just working for out of the company truck driver. He got a job and what he just negotiated was his ability to live in the truck and he drove a lot, but he lived in the truck and he didn’t maintain any house, so he drove constantly lived in the truck.

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