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Radical Housing Ideas of Get Your Employer to Pay for Your Housing Costs

One of the great benefits of joining a military organization is that your basic living needs are provided for you as part of your contract. If you were to join your country’s military, they’ll provide for you housing,clothing, food and medical care. In the provide all these things for you as part of your contract.

Now, you also in response commit your entire life and literally your life. But you do get a good deal. So your wages might not be the biggest wages as compared to other types of wages. But when you run the math on $30,000 wages with all of your expenses provided for you, as compared to $50,000 but you’re responsible for all of your expenses.

You have a really neat opportunity. But the military is not the only way this can happen. There are some jobs where you wind up with your housing as provided for you as part of your job.

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