Report of the financing gap in adaptation

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The Adaptation Finance Gap Report analyzes the gap between the conditions required to achieve the goals in adaptation to global climate change -that is, the adjustments to reduce the potential damage of its effects and take advantage of the opportunities and the resources available for it. It is important to note that Latin America and the Caribbean, due to their high level of urbanization, environmental degradation, climate-sensitive economies, poverty levels, among others, make the region more vulnerable to the dangers posed by climate change. The first report analyzed the gap at the level of knowledge, technology and financing.

What topics may interest you?

This report will be valuable if you want to know what are the current and future costs that are foreseen for adaptation in developing countries; how much financing is available and what are its main sources. The report also provides proportions of the difference between costs and available funds, that is, the financing gap, explaining what is required to reduce it.

What information can you find about your country?

The report focuses on developing countries in general and, in reference to our country, only mentions the percentage of international public funding that was allocated for adaptation to climate change.

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