10 tips on how to raise money by crowd-funding

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Sometimes the best way to launch your product is to open a crowd-funding campaign. If successful, you use it to test the market, market yourself, and make a first investment. If you fail, you can better understand where you have to work.

  1. Create value

Your project should be useful to you, your environment and other people. Think about how your product will change your lives for the better? One of the most popular areas of crowd-funding is Technology. The guys create holders for flash drives, table air conditioners, keys with GPS-tracker absolutely everything that appears in the bright head.

  1. Remove the honest video

A video in the title of your project is one of the decisive factors. Many sponsors of your project will have a short video presentation, where you honestly will tell what you have conceived.

  1. Set reasonable digits

Once you have a brilliant idea in your head, you will want to put a decent amount to collect. Only here more than 90% of projects do not collect the right amount. Its recommended that you clearly write down the minimum budget: what you need money for and how much. Inform the audience that if successful, you will continue collecting money and add additional bonuses. For example, in the production of clothing, such a bonus may be a new color or an additional model.

Remember a simple thing: if you do not collect the entire amount, you will not get anything. All the money will go back to your sponsors on the cards. Speaking about the collection period, it’s recommended exposing 40-45 days less than 40 – a little. By the way, to prepare a campaign for collection for 40 days, lay at least 2 months for training. Everything must be licked and thought out to the last detail.

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