Four ways freelancers can save for retirement
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The gig market has exploded during the past ten years. Nowadays, it’s no biggie to locate our neighbors, relatives and even co-workers padding their pockets by leasing their houses on Airbnb, forcing for Uber or performing various different tasks here and there.

Who states freelancers can not make retirement programs? Here is the Way to save

However, the gig market isn’t only for individuals searching for a side hustle. To get a growing number of individuals, it is their sole source of employment.

Among the drawbacks of this freelancer market is that a lot of its participants do not think they will have enough for retirement. Those ideas are evident at a new study that found 81 percent of gig market employees say they can not manage to make saving for retirement a priority.

“The development of this gig market has altered the American work force, and how we save for retirement should change with it,” Jon Stein, CEO of Betterment, stated in a media release.

Freelancers do not need to feel despairing over retirement, however. Here are four methods to save for this nest egg.

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